Don’t kick Bucket…

Moments don’t stop and never does life made of these numerous moments. If we are?present in these moments and enjoy these, some remain in our memory forever. But there is nothing which stays forever, if we don’t exist forever how can our memory and moments present therein can. Before these?moments perish out of my memory,…More

Focused or Unfocused

Last time we discussed how to approach a new subject. This time I will discuss with you another problem which I faced in my studies and tried to overcome. It is “How to be focused“. But you will notice that title of this post is not how to be focused rather “Focused or Unfocused“. It’s…More

How to Start a New Subject

Every student goes through many difficult phases in his academic life. Some of which are easy to tackle and solve while others need more struggle. Some can be solved with the help of others while some?are unique to you and need more struggle, efforts and planning. As a student I also went through many such…More

No One is an Island

“No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.” – John Donne What ‘John Donne’ said Four Centuries ago, still holds good. Even after so much technological and?scientific?growth, we are still not complete in ourselves. But, in the race to achieve something, prove ourselves,…More

जितना जाना जिंदगी को

जितना जाना जिंदगी को, बस इतना ही जाना है जाना…… कुछ भी नहीं है जानने को, बस वो पाया जिसने जो माना…. सारे पोथे, सारी बातें, मन को बहलाने का खेला…. जिसका मन बहले है जिस से, वो समझे उसने वो जाना…… बातों से ही तो बनी है दुनिया, बातें तेरी मेरी और सबकी……. बातों…More

B or E : Are you also confused?

Mostly quotable quotes come from someone great, great thinkers, great speakers, great leaders and authors. But sometime someone who is not expected to speak wisdom words, gives some great insight. Same happened with me today. Was sitting with a Goldsmith in his workshop. While he was working, he expressed his dis-satisfaction with his current job.…More

It’s Not About You : More than a Business Story

It was a great pleasure to read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann three years back. The book conveyed?Five Principles of Stratospheric Success. The book was marvelous and reminded us of the principles which we all knew but somehow thought were not relevant in today’s cut-throat competition where one need to be…More

Be Thankful for Failure

As today CA PCC/IPCC results were declared, the air was filled with different moods. Happy, Sad, Lost…….. Those who cleared it, were on top of the world, so should they be. But it?s just a stepping stone, you have long way to go. In fact every success is just a stepping stone and not a…More

New Google Way

Yesterday when I received a letter bearing sender as ‘Google India‘, it was hard to imagine what it could be, without opening the envelope. I guessed, the only way Google uses postal service is to send offer letters to its new hires. This was not possible in my case as I had never applied for…More

Kasab held guilty – Is it really a win for us?

Today special court held Kasab guilty in 26/11 case. I would really be surprisde if there is anyone in coutry who is surprised with this judgement. But there was one thing which surprised me and which was neve expected, statement by Home Minster P.C. Home Minister said that this judgement is lesson for Pakistan that…More