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Question All Assumptions

This week I am sharing with you an email question I got and my reply to that. I received this question after the last newsletter, which made me think. I am sharing it more broadly if it can help someone else. Here is a summarized version of the question before we get into the reply … Continue reading Question All Assumptions

Where do you want to reach

This world is full of information, data, and facts. Once you switch on your TV or log into social networking websites (apps), you encounter tons of information, articles, tips, news, stories, quotes, pictures, videos, etc. I am part of that group that shares those. There is much more information than you can grasp in this … Continue reading Where do you want to reach

Always Choose Entrepreneurship

Dear Students, When you are completing your education, it’s natural to be confused about the next steps. Entrepreneurship is a buzzword these days and none of us can avoid the temptation of being an entrepreneur. Today it’s celebrated as Government Jobs was once celebrated in our society. I know there is no comparison but back … Continue reading Always Choose Entrepreneurship

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