Elevators are getting faster

The biggest currency is not money, it’s attention. It’s particularly true in today’s world where everyone is fighting for our attention, from Social Media to News Channels to Politicians to Influencers. Their success depends on their ability to grab your attention and they can go to any extent to get that. Someday we will talk … Continue reading Elevators are getting faster

Let your child be a child

Are you one of those parents who are worried about how your child will be ready to tackle challenges of the future? Are you also worried about how will your child get a job when technology will take over everything? I wouldn’t say your fears are unwarranted but trust me teaching them coding at the age of 6, including Data Models, Artificial Intelligence, Space Tech is not going to … Continue reading Let your child be a child

What is actually Blockchain?

In the last?article, I talked about ?Why should you bother about Blockchain??. Extending that discussion further, today we will discuss What is actually Blockchain? Before we start, few things to remember. Firstly, blockchain is technology on which bitcoin is built. We are talking about that technology and not bitcoin itself. Second and most important, I … Continue reading What is actually Blockchain?

Why should you bother about Blockchain?

These days there is a lot of buzz about bitcoin which has brought attention to technology it uses i.e. Blockchain. If you follow the news about latest technology, you already know about all predictions that Blockchain will change all the sectors and will overtake all technologies. It will change everything and it will be a … Continue reading Why should you bother about Blockchain?