Where do you want to reach

This world is full of information, data, and facts. Once you switch on your TV or log into social networking websites (apps), you encounter tons of information, articles, tips, news, stories, quotes, pictures, videos, etc. I am part of that group that shares those. There is much more information than you can grasp in this … Continue reading Where do you want to reach

Red Magical Stone (Shh… that makes you a millionaire)

One day a laborer was sitting tired outside his home. He had enough of scolding from his employer and was tired of carrying bricks at the construction site. He was thinking about how to change his situation. Suddenly a golden chariot stopped in front of him. It was a magnificent chariot. A wealthy-looking Seth in … Continue reading Red Magical Stone (Shh… that makes you a millionaire)

Elevators are getting faster

The biggest currency is not money, it’s attention. It’s particularly true in today’s world where everyone is fighting for our attention, from Social Media to News Channels to Politicians to Influencers. Their success depends on their ability to grab your attention and they can go to any extent to get that. Someday we will talk … Continue reading Elevators are getting faster

Let your child be a child

Are you one of those parents who are worried about how your child will be ready to tackle challenges of the future? Are you also worried about how will your child get a job when technology will take over everything? I wouldn’t say your fears are unwarranted but trust me teaching them coding at the age of 6, including Data Models, Artificial Intelligence, Space Tech is not going to … Continue reading Let your child be a child


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