What 100+ People will give Advice to their Younger Selves

This is the first in series of #OpenArticle I intend to write. I envision #OpenArticle as a collection of views from different people on a particular point which I will just summarize. In today’s #OpenArticle I summarize the responses to question I asked all of you on Linkedin in this post

What’s one piece of Advice you wish you should have got on first day of career?

The post received 100+ comments and this article is trying to find out themes –

1. Be a Lifelong Learner

This theme seems most popular in these comments. A lot of people think that being open to learning, reskilling and relearning throughout the career is something they wish someone should have told them at the beginning of their careers. Invest continuously in yourself and your career. Here are some of the advice.

Preksha Kaparwan Says –

It’s okay to not know certain things, but don’t make them an excuse. Educate yourself.  

Sushilkumar Chadda Says –

Focus on incremental learnings and do not indulge in gossips. You are unique, do your work and learnings your way. Keep humor as part of working 

Ashish Sudhera Says –

I wish on the first day of my career someone would have told me to prefer learnings over earnings. 

Rajesh Sharma Says –

Learn what u don’t know and teach what you know 

Prakash Nairr Says –

Focus on developing skills, both technical and people skills. 

Anand Banka Says –

1. Designation/ level within the company is also important and not just profile or remuneration 2. Work efficient and learn to delegate 3. Be the best in whatever you do, and to become that invest in yourself 

Deepali Jain Says –

Save and invest. Invest in yourself. 

Harish Ramaiah Says –

1) Looking for a survival – Look for a dependable opportunity 2) If you are a dependent – Learn to live yourself 3) Once you start living for yourself – Set for recognition 4) Once recognised – Be good listener and reader 5) Being a listener – Educated around for living 6) While educating around – Do not dominant 7) Dominant – Commanding is a raise of EGO 8) Ego – Don’t have shelf-life back to survival 9) Be yourself and original do not copy 10) Be an educated not a qualified 

Bhawana Singh Says –

Keep Learning, never let yourself free. Either reading case studies or analyze upcoming future and keep upgrading yourself with new skillsets never settle in life. Visualize yourself as after 5 years and start preparing yourself for that.  

Mrinal Trikha Says –

Don’t let failure or success get to your head. Keep on improving and growing every day. 

CA Gaurav Kumar Says –

– Read a lot. Invest in yourself. – Choose your domain before choosing a job. Be an expert of your domain. Learn constantly. – Network more and more. – Don’t take career advice from family and friends. Choose the right mentor. – Prioritize your happiness. – Be ethical. Be it work or your personal life. Be ethical. It will pay off. Not immediately but certainly. 

Harvir Gill Says –

Sharpen the saw continually – settling in comfort zone is extremely damaging and makes one obsolete in this highly competitive job market 

2. Be with yourself

The second most popular theme is around having time for oneself. People think someone should have told them about maintaining Work-Life Balance, It’s important to find out time for self and reflect once in a while. Don’t be part of the rat race. Here are some of the advice.

Jasdeep singh Sahani Says –

Your job is part of your life, your life is not a part of your job. 

Sunny Sharma Says –

Don’t get lost in the rat race .. we work so we will able to live. Not vice versa.. job should remain a job.. .. and you are good enough !!

Madesh Jayaraju Says –

Spend time for yourself every day 

Devan Bhalla Says –

To pause and reflect 

Sonali Misra Says –

Be more mindful of your career, you are not in a race  

Subi Nanthivarman Says –

Being totally dedicated at the cost of self is for mugs.  

Akshay Agrawal Says –

It’s a job..don’t make it your life 

Shweta Kulkarni Says –

Keep your identity and your work’s identity different.

Sourabh Banerjee Says –

Be sincere and loyal only to self even in turbulence and Don’t discuss too much about issues as everyone has some or more of those- be solution-focused. 

3. Own Your Career

The third most popular theme is about taking ownership of your own career. Don’t wait someone else will come and rescue you. Be honest with yourself and take action. Once you take ownership of your life, things will fall in place. Here are some of the advice.

David Wee Says –

Always be brutally honest with the person in the mirror. 

Vimal Agarwal Says –

You are responsible for your growth and unless you ask for it you won’t it. 

Purav Bansal Says –

Always be accountable for your acts done. Period 

Kshitij Gupta Says –

The other students, entrepreneurs, startups, or the fortune 500 companies are not your competitors. The only person you need to compete with is you, the you from yesterday. 

Mrinal Trikha Says –

Don’t let failure or success get to your head. Keep on improving and growing every day. 

Manoj Jain Says –

Get yourself in the problem and find the solution & come out from it. This is called valuable experience.  

Kavi Ranjan Says –

When you are starting up a venture. Don’t gather confidence from the words of support by your friends, family and relatives to guide, mentor & support you. Because, they will never and they have their own life to look into. For them, your preferences are next to nothing. Take your own decisions, even though you are a beginner in a specific area, loose some here and there, fail & learn it the hard way. Remember it will be painful than you expect, and even that can help you more than these acquaintances. & there are exceptional relationships we may have & if so don’t exploit them as well. Learn to live like a lone wolf. 

Nityananda Sai Kanala Says –

Create your own milestones for work! It’s a great motivator. 

4. Have Great Attitude

Another popular advice which people wished someone would have given them at the beginning of their career is about having a positive attitude. There seems to be a common theme that attitude matters most. Here are some of the advice.

Subhendu Pal Says –

At the end of the day it is the attitude towards work that matters. Once it is in place everything else will find a way

Nishtha Gehija Says –

People are always there to help and support….don?t simply make presumptions. Let help and humanity in. 

CA Jyotika Rai Says –

Don’t do job just for salary, bonuses and promotions. Job/work place where we spend around 20% time of our total life time, so make it interesting by pushing yourself to learn everyday, from everyone, make yourself a best person not a best colleague. Afterall at the end good people and good memories will remain with you but salaried will be spent.

Shilpa Vaid Says –

It?s a marathon; not a sprint. You will have ups and downs – and sometimes you will go through short term adversities which will ensure your longer-term success. 

Rohit Bhargava Says –

It doesn’t really matter who is ahead in the first 50 Metres of a marathon, does it?

Gaurav Chainani Says –

Believe in yourself and really care for everyone around. Office is just like another big family. You will enjoy far more ! 

5. Build Communication and People Skills

Another advice is around building interpersonal skills and communication. There is no doubt that those who can get along well with other people do better than others. To get along well with other people, you need to have control over your emotions. Here are some of the advice.

Rahul Kohli Says:

Invest time in understanding your surroundings, the culture, your colleagues and try to adapt while being true to yourself. Managing the environment around you is as important as excelling in your assignments.

Dhruv Garg Says:

Effective communication is the key. Communicate with your seniors as much as you do with peers.

Madhuri Nandwai Says –

Be a Good Listener!

Ayush Shukla Says –

Don’t let anger or emotion get the better of you. 

Felipe Gondin Says –

Never eat lunch alone. And always have time for a cup of coffee to listen a good idea.

6. Follow Your Passion and Enjoy Your Work

Another theme is about following your passion. Don’t do something that you don’t enjoy. Enjoy your work and success will follow you. Here are some of the advice.

Palak Arora Says –

Stay with it until you are happy? Particular career is just a part of life, change or amend when you feel it as burden & not enjoyment.

Thangaraj Murugananthan Says –

Follow your passion, stick with what you love to do. Down the line, no matter what people say, be a Master in it and find a way to make money out of it. 

Abhishek Raj Gupta Says –

Sundays are a myth. Success does not punches clock. And never neglect your passion. 

Nipun Gupta Says –

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it 

Pooja Patel Says –

There are plenty of opportunities in the same field you have knowledge and skills. Do not limit yourself with one particular role you are hired for. If you have passion to work on something, sky is the limit !!  

7. Be Open, Be Energetic

Another advice is around being open, being flexible and being energetic. Whatever work you get, do it with your full energy and dedication, don’t think anything as small or big. Here are some of the advice.

Ashutosh Nandi Says –

Ideas can strike at any moment, being enthusiastic enough to execute them matters most

CA Dawood Afridi Says –

No job is too small and nothing is too trivial to be learned. 

Shyam Ji Mehrotra Says –

Ready to do any thing. Nothing is menial except attitude. 

Tawheed Mohammad Sayyid Says –

Be very very very flexible in the process. Don’t be rigid. 

8. Choose People over Company, Learn from them

Another important fact that people wished someone should have told that it’s more important to work for great leaders compared to great company. It’s clear that the quality of people around you determine your success in the longer term. Here are some of the advice.

Varsha Debnath Says –

Look for a leader who is ready to train you, understanding your potential, and believes in you. 

Lizbeth Jose Says –

Surround yourself with visionaries. 

Deep Kumar Mendiratta Says

I wish someone told me on the first day: Don’t just look for a good Company, also look for a good leader who can lead and inspire you at your workplace

Ankit Daga Says –

Believe in yourself. Listen to understand and absorb what your mentors are saying. 

9. Question Everything, Add Value and Improve

Another very important theme is around question things. Don’t take anything at face value. Don’t assume, ask questions. Add value to anything assigned to you and make it better than you bet it. Improve things and leave your unique mark. Here are some of the advice.

CA Kajal Prabhu Says –

Don’t just blindly go with the corporate culture and practices, suggest changes for improvement or rectify any inappropriate practices Just don’t work to get appreciations from your senior but set a benchmark to even satisfy yourself as a professional and the client 

Saumya Saxena Says –

Question everything, even if it makes you seem dumb at times. The smartest people in the room leave no room for doubt. 

Ayushi Bothra Says –

Have a voice and learn to say NO 

Other Short & Sweet Advice

Here are few more short advice I liked.

Jolly J Sen Says –

flow with the tide 

Sivakumar Sankar Says –

Do your JOB..!! and Leave the rest to GOD..!! 

Ina Jain Says –

Be street smart. It’s not a perfect world out there.

Vaibhav Hasija Says –

Just don’t cheat with yourself.  

Tejas K. Says –

Two words, “JUST START” 

Govind Mishra Says –  

“Enjoy the experience”

Hope you found these helpful. If you liked these and have something of your own to share, comment on this article and the best ones will be included in the next version of this article.

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