The Dilemma – #AskGaurav

This is the second article in Series #AskGaurav where every week I will try to answer one of the questions you have submitted on this link and try to give my take on that. Before you read further two disclaimers

First of all, whatever I am writing are my personal views not related to any other individual or organization, Second I don’t claim to have all answer I am not an expert. I have my own set of questions unanswered, so take my views with a pinch of salt.?

Let’s Start, today’s question is??

Hello sir, I am a recently qualified CA and currently, I have a dilemma whether to join my father’s CA firm or I should look for a job opportunity in Big4s for a year or two and then join my Dad. I think I know it in my heart that I wouldn’t like to do a job all my life and eventually I will get back to my dad’s practice. But in doing so right now, I feel like I will be missing out on the exposure of a big city, and I might be good at the job and I might decide to continue with it after all. Also, I feel like I am already 25 and I feel this enormous pressure to be successful and make the right call. I feel like I am crumbling under this pressure to take the right decision.?
Thanks for the question. The issue is close to me as I also went through a similar dilemma when I qualified. So, in order to maintain requestor?s privacy, we will address as l.?
So dear I, the dilemma that you are going through is quite normal. The confusion comes from the fact that we want to take the right decision and don?t want to make a mistake.??

We want to avoid any regret later.  

You need to understand that there is no perfect decision and there is no sure way to avoid the regret. Life is not a straight line that you need to follow and you will reach your destination. There is no set destination.  

Let me share my story with you if that helps. I will try to keep it short without going into many details. I qualified CA at the age of 24. I had a dilemma whether to do own practice or corporate job. Both were equally appealing. For CA campus I was shortlisted by three companies. To avoid the confusion I decided to sit only in one interview and if I was not selected I would go to practice. I was selected for the company and joined it. Worked there for two years and decided I need to give myself a chance to do practice which I always wanted to do. So, I quit my job and came to practice. After three years I realized it didn?t work out. I came back to Corporate Job.

Do I consider myself failure in any of these? No!

Do I regret any of these decisions? Absolutely No!
Whatever person I am today, is shaped by all these experiences combined. Every phase of life has taught me something.??

Some people know for sure 100% what they want in life. They should plan their life accordingly. But if you are someone like me who doesn’t have an ultimate life goal. plan for immediate future.? You cannot plan for an eternal future. You don?t know what the future has in store for you.??
Sit down and think what your heart wants to do now, in the near future. Take that step and when the time comes and you want to do something different, think through and take that step. Never hurry in your decision, think it through. Go where your heart lies. It?s not theoretical, I have done it. Just that whatever you do, do it with your full capacity and dedication. Excel at it. Never ever do anything half-heartedly once you chose it. That?s the only failure and regret you should be worried about.??

Look at life as a non-linear journey of connecting dots and gathering experiences. As Steve jobs said??-
“You can?t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something ? your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

That’s all for today, we will meet again next week with another question. Till then have a great life. You can submit your questions at this link ??

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