Slow Learner – #AskGaurav

This is the first article in Series #AskGaurav where every week I will try to answer one of the questions you have submitted on this link and try to give my take on that. Before you read further two disclaimers?

First of all, whatever I am writing are my personal views not related to any other individual or organization, Second I don’t claim to have all answer I am not an expert. I have my own set of questions unanswered, so take my views with pinch of salt.?

Let’s Start, today’s question is  

Hi Sir, First of all thank you so much for this great initiative to solve the problem of people.  I also have such problem, I am working in MNC as an associate, I joined this MNC as a fresher, it’s been 7 months  since I joined this company, and in these 7 months I have realized that I am very slow learner, whenever there is a new technical thing, it takes me a lot of time to clearly understand that and that is why my seniors or trainers are getting irritated from me. 
Kindly suggest what to do? 

The Requestor has requested not to disclose his name, So we will respect the privacy, we will call him R the Requestor. 

So Mr. R, you have said that ‘in these 7 months I have realized that I am very slow learner’. Don’t do that. Don’t define yourself by how other people judge you. It’s thier problem that they think you are slow, don’t make it your problem. So don’t tell yourself you are very slow learner. Stop doing that. Words shape your reality, literally! So never again tell yourself that. 

Second, Slow or fast is very relative term. There is no perfect speed to learn new things, everyone has different speed. When Albert Einstein was in elementary school, his teacher declared that he was dump and could not learn anything and his mother had to teach him at home, and he turned out to be a great scientist.  

Third, it’s not important to learn fast. What is important is to learn it well, conceptually correct and something that lasts in your memory. May be you are someone who wants to understand deep and unless you get correct logic, you don’t get it. So don’t worry about speed, make sure you learn it well. 

So far I have only explained that nothing is wrong with you and you don’t need to do anything. I understand that you are new joiner and what your seniors and trainers think matters for your career. You can do two things. 

First try to be a good listener. Listen carefully what they explain, make notes and ask questions. If you don’t get it, ask again. Put extra effort by going through your notes in free time and try to make your concepts from it. It’s just a matter of time, your speed will increase. Once you understand the basics of your profile, next set of learning will be much faster. But put extra effort now even if that means few more hours alone to practice more. 

Second, have an honest conversation with your seniors and trainers. Tell them that you appreciate the hard work they are putting in training you and that you are trying your best to learn and you need more of thier help. I have realized when you approach people with explicit request for help, they are willing to put that extra effort. Have that personal talk and connect. People are usually good. 

So summarizing my thoughts, don’t define yourself as slow learner, keep your confidence, it’s most important thing, second put extra effort to learn and third seek out help. 

I am sure it may help more people who are in early part of their career and have such feelings.  

But if you are not one of those people and you think are you in position of those seniors or trainers who get irritated by a slow learner. Don’t do that, be kind, they need some extra help, extend your hand. Don’t forget you were also new joiner somewhere once. Go in that time, recall the anxiety you had in initial days or months, that doubt of fitting in. It’s your time to help someone who is going through same phase. Remember it takes hard work to polish a gem and you never know who turns out to be gem and greatest asset on your team. I can tell you from my experience that sometime with right amount of guidance, people go from worst to best performers. Be kind. 

That’s all for today, we will meet again next week with another question. Till then have a great life. You can submit your questions at this link ?  

And don’t forget, you are unique, and no one can take away that from you. 

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