Conducta – of a teacher

Today was my first day in Bangalore International Film Festival, even first to any such event. First movie I just saw was ‘Conducta‘ or ‘Behavior’ from Cuba. I must say it’s a great movie. Being in our comfort zones and watching only bollywood movies or sometime famous Hollywood movies, we are deprived of lot of magnificent movies which are out there all around the world. For me one of the excuse has been language, how can I watch a movie in a language which doesn’t make any sense to me. This movie also was in Spanish with English subtitles. I must say language cannot be excuse for missing such a powerful movie. I almost got every bit of it with the help of subtitles along with brilliant acting.

It’s the story of a teacher who fights for her students. She fights with school, with system, with government, with parents and even with students for their benefit. It shows the conviction of a teacher towards her ultimate gole, children’s future. Somewhere she mentions that? to make a kid you need home, school, rigor and affection. But after school, he spends most of the time on street (replace it with society) and a teacher needs to know and understand what he faces on street to teach him. This teacher is fighting with everyone for kids who come from various backgrounds, specifically a kid, ‘Chala’? who has disturbed family background and he does all sorts of wrong things. ‘Clamera’ the teacher sees a hope in him while others see a troubled kid who need re-education, specifically meant for these kind of kids.

This brings me to a very important point that I recently discussed with my school teacher. He has been a great teacher and always an inspiration. When I asked him what is biggest problem with education. He replied Teachers. He explained that today those who are coming in this profession are not mostly due to passion to teach but because they were not able to do anything else. How can you expect them to put their passion in teaching. If we have people who are passionate about teaching and children, everything else can be taken care of. I think he was absolutely right and now I believe even stronger about it.

Coming back to movie, great movie, touches anyone who has been to school and had any favourite teacher. Don’t deprive yourself of these kind of movies just because of language barrier or lack of time. A great movie is no less than a great book.
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