Starting afresh….

Recently I got query from a student. He had failed in IPCC couple of times. He wanted to know how can he start fresh studies for this attempt. What I suggested him could help others, so I am posting it here. Small part from my reply to him.

It’s good idea to start fresh, but don’t lose the advantage you have got from last two failures. Yes, you have got advantage over others in terms of already knowing what didn’t work for you.

First of all, sit down and think what didn’t go correct in last two attempts. Your mind will tell you what you could have done better. This is very effective excercise but only if you become true to yourself and accept your mistakes in last two attempts. It may be painful but it is very important.

It is tempting to forget to past and start fresh which is also correct to do, but learning from past is also very important. If you learn from these two attempts and use those learnings to clear in this attempt, your two attempts will not be wasted. They will prove to be foundation for this success.

– Gaurav Sangtani

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