Are you still waiting?

Yes, I am asking you. Are you still waiting? Waiting for anything. Most of us are always in waiting, waiting for something to come or happen. We always defer happiness.

I will be happy when I go to school,

I will be happy when I go to college,

I will be happy when I pass CPT,

I will be happy when I pass IPCC,

I will be happy when I qualify CA,

I will be happy when I get Job,

I will be happy when I get better paying job,

I will be happy when I get married,

I will be happy when I have kids,

I will be happy when I will get promoted…. and so on….

If you find yourself on any of above steps, don’t worry you are not alone. And also don’t wait, see others steps after the step you are waiting at. Most of us do that, defer happiness. Deferring happiness is not going to help in anyway. Time will never be right for anything, life will not be perfect to enjoy. But this article is not about ‘not deferring happiness’. That we will cover some other day, today I am talking about CA students’ wait for result. Might seem a simple thing but its not.

If you are a CA Student, you already know about “May-November Trap“. If you are new to CA course, you must be beware of this trap. If you are giving exam in May, exams are over by May 20th. This is the time you are already exhausted by exam preparations and exams. You want to take rest and enjoy little bit. Results are due around mid or end July. This time gap of around 2 months between exam and result is crucial. We usually waste it by waiting for result. Even when we know exams we gave didn’t go that well, we still wait to see result and don’t do anything during that time. Our articleship also gives us excuse of not preparing.

Results are out by end of July. If you are not able to clear the exam, now you have only three months to prepare?for next?attempt. Now tension starts,?If I was not able to do earlier in so much time how will I do now in three months. You think how much time was wasted in wait of results. The circle starts from May to November, the trap.

So if you have given exam in November, I am asking you “Are you still waiting?”

I have learnt, don’t wait for results. Start preparing again. This may seems like negative thinking but it is preparing for the worst. If result comes good, ‘Congrats’. Nothing is wasted. But in case result is not so good, you are?already half prepared for next attempt.

If you are one who believes in clearing in first attempt and are confident about it, Very Good… But if you are stuck in ‘May-Nov Trap’, consider this…… Don’t waste your time waiting for anything, enjoy life and use your time well.

So if you have already read this, ‘Are you still waiting?’


  1. naga subrahmanyam says:

    thanks for ur valuble.


  2. animesh says:

    waiting for result


  3. Shashwat C S says:

    Thanks Sir. This article is very Important for all CA Aspirants. We always give-up our study after examination and wait for result. But as we all know CA Examination is one of the toughest Exam. Once again Thank You Sir.


  4. Nitin Kumar Agrawal says:

    Nice one ….


  5. sourabh says:

    Nice past sir ji



  6. bharadwaj says:

    thank you so much for guiding us the right thing at the right time sir.


  7. prathamesh jain says:

    sir the thing which you told us is really right thing. the same thing also tells p.h mitkary faculty at caps.
    thanks you sir very much…..sir please tell us that when ipcc full lectures will get uploaded on ca shiksha..can i get it for preparation for may-2013 exams or not..??? the lectures wil really become helpful for me for preparation….


  8. Ganesh says:

    Thank you Sir for give your valuable guaidlines.


  9. vaibhav says:

    thank u sir


  10. Ankit Agrawal says:

    gud one sir…
    m copying it to fb wall sir..


  11. abhilasha vyas says:

    ty sirrr….


  12. s.sundari says:

    this sounds good sir.thank u soo much


  13. Avani Agarkar says:

    thank u sir for ur vaiuabie advice. I’ll definately follow it. sir plzz guide us for preparations of may IPCC exam.


  14. Praveen says:

    Very helpful sir


  15. PREMDIP GUPTA says:

    Thank you Sir for give your valuable suggestion


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