Don’t kick Bucket…

Moments don’t stop and never does life made of these numerous moments. If we are?present in these moments and enjoy these, some remain in our memory forever. But there is nothing which stays forever, if we don’t exist forever how can our memory and moments present therein can. Before these?moments perish out of my memory, I want to share these with you. Hope you also enjoy these as much as I do.

Most part of my childhood was spent with my grandparents and I feel very lucky about this. There are many things you learn from your grandparents which you cannot learn from your parents. They have seen life from a difference perspective and are in a stage of life where they can look back and see what worked and what didn’t work for them. My grandfather (‘Dada’) came from background of social service and politics. He belonged to an era where politics was considered another form of social service, when people were honoured based on their values rather than possessions. He was fond of stories and jokes which he used in his public speeches and conversations.

He used to tell us lot of stories and jokes and there?were messages in these. Today I would be sharing with you such one small story which he told us, which indicates something.

Once there was one man selling his cow in market. One curious buyer?came closer to observe the cow. Cow looked young and healthy. The seller was asking exceptionally low price. So the buyer became curious and asked. “This cow looks young and healthy, you are still asking such a low price. Does she give proper milk? Is she healthy? Is there any problem with cow?”

Seller replied “Friend, cow is perfectly healthy and she gives lot of milk.”

Buyer became more curious “I am sure you are not here for charity. If everything is perfect with the cow, why are you selling it for such a low price.”

Seller explained “This cow is healthy and gives lot of milk, but she has a bad habit. Once you have taken out the milk, she will kick the bucket and spill all the milk.”

After telling this story, Dada used to tell me that lot of people are like that cow. We do a lot for a loved one, give our hundred percent. But after doing so much we try to make them realize that how much we do for them. We tell them “see how much I did for you.” “you don’t realize how much I do for you” “you don’t remember what all I have done for you”. The moment we try to do it, we kick the bucket and spill all the milk. We destroy all the good work.

The story was very small, but has stuck with me. How many times we do this. When we do something for someone, we expect something in return or make them realize that we have done so or atleast remember ourselves that we have done good for others and feel good about ourselves.

You don’t need to make others realize what you have done for them, you never did to impress them. You did because of your love, care and because you liked it.

So next time you do anything for others,
Don’t expect anything in return,
Don’t express it to them,
Don’t even remember yourself about it….
Or simply
Don’t kick bucket…..

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