Focused or Unfocused

Last time we discussed how to approach a new subject. This time I will discuss with you another problem which I faced in my studies and tried to overcome. It is “How to be focused“. But you will notice that title of this post is not how to be focused rather “Focused or Unfocused“. It’s because, I discovered during my efforts to be focused that, if you need to be focused,?being unfocused is also important. Yes, I am not kidding. Being unfocused at appropriate times will help you remain focused during crucial?times.

There are students who are by nature very focused about their studies and can sit for hours with books. If you are one of those students, I will congratulate you becuase you don’t have one of the biggest hurdle in studies. If you have used any specific tool/trick/method for this, I invite you to share with us so that it can help everyone.

As I mentioned I believe your studies techniques have to be according to your nature. You can’t force yourself to study. You are what you are.

By nature, I face this problem of concentration or focus. I can focus very well on anything, but not for too long. By default all of us have attention span of 45 minutes, that’s why in schools periods are for 45 minutes and then you change it. But as we go for professional and hard studies, we need to find a solution to this. We can’t study just for 45 minutes. I also faced same problem. Some are able to increase thier attention span and sit for hours, but I was not able to. So I had to find out some method to study, these are what I used.

1. Short Term and Multiple Sessions:

Yes, I gave up on forcing myself for sitting for long time. I could not and was getting even more frustrated. I realized the target was not to sit long but to study. If I have allotted 2 Hrs. to one topic, I will start studying and get-up when I don’t feel like studying. I need to take care that I sit atleast half hour continuosly and get back again to studies within 5 minutes. So to summarize:

a. Try to sit as long as you can.

b. Get-up and take a break when you don’t feel like sitting any more.

c. Don’t force yourself if you don’t feel like sitting.

d. Ensure continous session is not less than half hour.

e. Also ensure break is not more than 5 minutes long.

As I mentioned at start, trick is to be focused and unfocused wisely. The time when you get unfocused will help you?to focus. So?these five minutes are to get relaxed and get your energies back. You can use these to listen music, talk someone at home, watch TV (but no serials please, these may be addictive and chances are you will stretch your break). I also used to keep one fiction or intersting book on side and read a page in this five minute break to get refresh. Whatever you do in this break, just remember:

a. It should refresh you, and

b. It should not go beyond five minutes.

?2. Plan, plan and execute plan:

Yes, having proper study plan is vital for studies and more important for being focused. I faced a problem, whenever I was trying to study one subject, I was getting tense that there is another subject to be completed, time is less how will I. If I am reading topic A, I will get tense that I still need to complete topic B which is more difficult. This way I was not able to focus on what I was studying. The solution was to make a time-table/schedule/plan for studies. Plan should be subject wise, topic wise, day wise and hour wise. We will talk more about Planning and how to make effective time table?seperately some other day.

For the time being, I will again emphasize the important of plan for remaining focused. If I have a plan in place and I am reading topic A according to plan, I don’t need to worry about topic B as I know that it will also be completed according to plan on proper day. Planning help you reduce pressure and thus improves your focus. So,

a. Make subject wise, topic wise, day wise and hour wise plan

b. Follow plan strictly and

c. While studying, focus on what’s in plan for now

While making plan remember you will take short breaks (point 1 above) and allocate time accordingly, but don’t allot time for breaks because breaks need to come naturaly when you feel like getting up not planned ones.

Plans are very important specially at the time of revision. Plan well.


3. Some Small things:

There are some small things I have used. May or may not help you. Use them wisely if these help you.

a. You can study some numerical subjects and solve sums alongwith music. Not too loud, gentle music. On one hand it will help you to keep pace and solve more quickly and on the other hand it will help you to avoid outside noise if its disturbing your attention.

b. If you are foody like me :), you can keep some snack to keep your attention at one place. Use this wisely or you might be overweight by the time exams are over. 🙂

c. If you are low, read some good book in between. Keep some good quotes at the place where you study. Read these when you feel low.

d. Switch between theory and numerical?subjects, this might help you to keep studies interesting. Otherwise you might get bored with only theory or tired with only numerical. You can keep this in mind while making plan.


No one can deny, focus is essential to achieve anything in Life. Same is true for studies. You need decipline and you need to be strict with yourself. Follow your natural way, use these things if these help you. Share with us if you have some other methods to get focused. Again remember your strengths and admit your weaknesses. Find a way through these according to your nature.

Hope this helps you. Share with me what you feel and your methods.


  1. devanshu says:

    a beautiful thought by mr. Gaurav sangtani. I think it will really help a person to achieve his goals


  2. Ankita says:

    Sir, this was indeed a very helpful article for me, i am facing the same problem of lack of concentration, moreover i got rank in pcc so my family’s and even my xpectations from me are even more this tym, don’t really know if i wud be able to stand up to them as m still left with preparation of accounts (subjct):(


  3. Mahendra S says:

    This really helped me a lot. Thank you sooo much.


  4. Naga Sai Deepika says:

    very helpful one, thanks a lot !!!


  5. swati says:

    Very useful …i have tried these points earlier but the main prob is with the break peroid it streches n i cant cntrl it….


  6. shobha says:

    well..i think it will surely help me …thnx 4 ur guidelines on focussing 2wards studies…and plz.. send if u have sum more suggestions!!! becoz i usually faces problem in concenterating 2wards studies???????


  7. AKANSHA JAIN says:

    sir, thank u for such a nice article.Please release an article for “How to make an effective time table” as soon as possible. This will help various students like me who still face a problem in making a time table & more importantly on implementing it. Thanks once again for the Daily motivating quotes.


  8. DIVYA SHARMA says:

    really whatever the sir Gaurav Sangtani said,itsd absolutely true and applicable in life.

    THANK YOU SIR.for sharing with us such grateful thought.



  9. Nitesh says:

    We need this too so, thanks for sharing a wonderful thoughts
    regarding our life. its helps us a lot…..


  10. kavyashree says:

    excellent!!!! sir. actually, i am also facing same problem but now i got some idea to achieve my target. thankyou a lot……..


  11. ASHISH THAKARE says:

    I acknowledge this.


  12. Shashwat says:

    Sir, U have a God Gifted Brain….. Please Show us the path which went to Top of the World….. Please add some Information about Worlds Top Companies which is right now… And give us the Secrets of your Excellency! I believe on “Those who can change their mind can change anything”


  13. Abhishek says:

    Respected sir.Maybe i will crossed the lines while speaking,but sir i needed someone to share these stuff.sir I really don’t know what i’m doing.i’m 18 now nd I have lost many things ,many opportunities came to me in past,i have not even try to grab those opportunities..but now i’m feeling very disappointed,low about my self..i’m feeling like a loser.Really sir my self confidence is zero at this time..And whatever thing i tried to mind just repells from that stuff.i feel like why i’m doing this ..i can’t do this..but later i regret on my own thoughts and decisions …this make me more frustrated,and low..i know that i’m having a every capability to anything in i jst do anything..i’m really scared.i don’t want to waste my life sir .nd i’m giving this December c.p.t attempt..please sir guide me.and give some of your suggestions.


  14. vijaya says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing a lovely thoughts….and encouraging me.


  15. Ankita says:

    Thanks a lot Sir for sharing such an excellent study technique…it is very important and encouraging for students like will really help us a lot to study properly and stand up to the expectations of our family and ourselves….Thank you again Sir…


  16. diksha jain says:

    Sir , thnx 4h sharing the beautiful article..
    it helped me a lot….


  17. dhiraj says:

    I completly agree with u on the suggessions u have prescribed.


  18. Sunod says:

    Thank you Gaurav for this nice article; I am implementing this in my studies.


  19. harini says:

    the article is very nice sir,it will help me to overcome from my problem in concentration,THANK YOU a lot………………



    This was very helpful….. Thanku sooo much:):)… by following these i might get focused towards studies:):):)


  21. KHUSHBOO says:



  22. sachin says:

    thanks sir for your beautiful article , please continue with giving us such beautiful article


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