B or E : Are you also confused?

Mostly quotable quotes come from someone great, great thinkers, great speakers, great leaders and authors. But sometime someone who is not expected to speak wisdom words, gives some great insight. Same happened with me today. Was sitting with a Goldsmith in his workshop. While he was working, he expressed his dis-satisfaction with his current job. He was of the view that own-business is better than working for someone else. Not a new concept. But during this conversation he said a sentence which I found quotable. In Hindi, he said:

“Saab, Naukari to aisi hai, bhukha marne nahi degi, aage badne nahi degi”

Translated to English it will be:

“Working for someone else ensures you will not die of hunger, but it also ensures you will not go?far in life”

May be his saying was little exaggerated, or may be true from his own living standards. But he has touched a vital point.

I am sure, most of you must have read about Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant. He divides all of us into four parts based on how we generate income.

E is for Employee

S is for Self-Employed or Specialist

B is for Big Business

I is for Investor

E & S focus on earning income and greatly value a safe, secure job or career. On the right side, B & I focus on creating assets to income source using other people’s time and money.

Most of us?have?been confused about choosing between B or E. Whereas B ensures financial freedom, E ensures financial security. It’s always to difficult to choose.

That Goldsmith was also sure he doesn’t want to work someone else for his lifetime. But he was also not sure when will be the correct time when he will start his small own workshop. I fear his financial conditions might never allow him to do this.

Are you also confused between B or E?

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