Be Thankful for Failure

As today CA PCC/IPCC results were declared, the air was filled with different moods. Happy, Sad, Lost……..
Those who cleared it, were on top of the world, so should they be. But it?s just a stepping stone, you have long way to go. In fact every success is just a stepping stone and not a destination. You can celebrate, relax for a minute or two and then start moving again. It’s good that success is not a destination otherwise how boring it would be. If there is any success or goal which is ultimate destination and I need not go ahead from there, it will be last thing I would like to achieve. So be thankful that success is temporary and just a milestone for further journey. And never forget this truth.

As it is with any CA Result, there will more students who would have failed than who passed. I would also congratulate those who have failed.

No, I am not kidding, I am actually congratulating you for failure. I am not being sarcastic either.
Failure is something which you can defer in life but can?t avoid. Sooner you experience it in your life, stronger you will become. You must have heard about ‘Dengue’ fever. It is dangerous and sometime fatal. But once you encounter ‘Dengue’ fever and recover from it, you will never get affected by it again in life. Your body develops resistance towards it. So, though no one wants to suffer from ‘Dengue’, but if you have got it, one thing is sure you just need to survive this time and you will be safe for rest of the life.
So, itn’t it a reason to celebrate? It is……
What if you have failed more than once? Dont worry….. So is ‘Dengue’. ‘Dengue’ can occur because of four different
but related strains of dengue virus. If a person has suffered from one virus, there can be a repeat occurrence of dengue if a different strain is involved subsequently. So more times you catch ?Dengue?, lesser are chances to get it again. So more you fail, more strong you become…..
I like what Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor and innovator said:

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

There is one more reason to be thankful about failure. Failure makes you humble. Every time you fail, you come close to reality of life. You appreciate the pains and problems of those who have not got everything in life. Failure makes you human. Failure makes you a better person. What you learn from failure, you can never learn from success.
Show me someone who says he has never ever failed in anything in life and I will show you a ‘Liar’.
Everyone fails sometime or other in life. There are few who accept it and very few who learn from it. Learn from your mistakes, improve and re-attack. As a famous saying goes, ?When you lose, don?t lose the lesson.?
Last but not the least, never blame Luck or Fate. In fact, never blame anyone for your failures not even yourself. Blaming means you think there?is something wrong with failing. No, as I said first be thankful for failure. If you are thankful for failure, there is no need to blame. Just learning from failure and moving ahead with more power, more focus and more determination. Start afresh, you will do it??
– Gaurav Sangtani


  1. See boss its easy to write & say
    To moralise smene is very gud thng
    But once think frm ur heart d feeling of d persn who fails
    D guilty whch is der in his/her heart
    D fearness of facing dose persn who use to say dat ” surely u wil get a rank”
    Boss many a tym just one failure makes a person thinks dat he is a looser….
    So as per me no use of dese motivational lines
    Rather post sme useful thngs whch can help in studies


  2. thanks i liked it,…… for every thing in life there is a reason, you are alive in this world means there is a reason
    if you are failed then too there is a reason, but…. you should have patience to know the reason why god did this….
    one day god will answer you why he did this to you or why god took this step…..
    one day god will answer but we will have to continue our way of life…
    always keep one thing in mind “WHATEVER HAPPENS , HAPPEN FOR A GOOD THING”


  3. I like this and it motivational for all those who really wanna achieve something in life… its nt abt only realted your exam its for yur life… I appreciate it.. It depends on your thinking what you how you take the reality of your life..


  4. obviously feeling bad is the thing is which every one does ….taking dilure positively …..and learning from it ….. is a rare case ….we need to do that


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