New Google Way

Yesterday when I received a letter bearing sender as ‘Google India‘, it was hard to imagine what it could be, without opening the envelope. I guessed, the only way Google uses postal service is to send offer letters to its new hires. This was not possible in my case as I had never applied for the Google jobs. And I was not expecting dividend cheque from Google eitherJ. So I finally decided to break the suspense and open the envelope. It was bigger surprise as it was Advertisement Material for Google Adwords. It was strange to see Online Marketing Giant using traditional way of Marketing. The Google has not only captured the most of online marketing space in the market, it has also made old marketing methods redundant. Now online advertisement/marketing product is being advertised through offline marketing.

Google which has given new face to emails, is using traditional mails to market its product. But if we think a bit more, it seems to be wise idea. With the increasing trend of marketing emails, we tend to ignore such emails and email marketing loses relevance in such cases. Many times I have not read Google Adwords email, but I had to open this package as it did not have anything on outside envelope to suggest what it was. We might have become tech-savy but we still like to receive colourful flyers and unknown postal emails still fascinate us. So this internet giant has again used a unique way of marketing, may be not new but still very relevant. My takes from this:

  1. New technology and old ways are not against each other, it just how wisely you use them.
  2. Nothing loses its relevance if you know how to use it properly in new environment, and more importantly
  3. Innovation is not only finding new ways rather relooking at old ways and using them appropriately also.

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