Sometime in life you find… those who don’t matter for you affect your life more than those who do… sometimes others negativity wins over your postivity… this is the society we have created for us…. strange…

This is the society we are proud of.. this is the society which differentiates human being from other species… This is the society which gives your security if you sacrifice all your freedom.

At those moments you find yourself helpless…you are bound to think.. does sincerety of your efforts really matter… why some people have more power in their negativity than your positivity…. may be we have given them the power… ultimately we are the losers…

Hope I find reasons to change my views before they are able to discourage me…

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  1. Khushboo Periwal says:

    You r right Gauravji. Bt It usually happens only when u let them happen.i mean u give their negativity a chance 2 run over u…

    This society ruins us if v r shown as helpless…so v shud b a self confendor and thus lets our ownself rule upon ourself not others


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