Journey So far – Intro

To all of us our lives are precious… all the moments and all the memories. How we try to link each event with other and try to form a series. The whole world rotates around us only… every event is linked to us. How many times you have thought that had you watched, India would have won. It’s not just with you…

For all of us, our individual life is like a story and everyone else is character in that story. Same applies to all, so we are also character in someone’s life story.

But in today’s running and fast life, hardly we find time to look back and cherish the moments. Still there are moments when we sit with some old friend, or some new hostel mate and tell the stories of old love, mischiefs, successes and failures. Memories of college days, chasing a girl, your first crush, exam tension and those little fights. Everyone has almost same stories, still late hostel nights filled with smoke, alcho and nuts for too sharifs.

Although everylife is not published in autographies, but no life is less interesting than that of gandhi, lincon. and so is my life.

I always used to wonder whenever my grand mother (Badi mummy, as we used to call her) told me stories, who forms all these stories, how is everything is so arranged, looks like planned, too systematic to be true, as if someone had already decided what is going to happen in the end, a haapy ending.?Like stories and movies, do our lives also follow a trend ? Is there a corelation between the events,?is everything destined, are old people true in saying “Hot Wahi Jo Ram Rachi Rakha” (Whatever god has created, is only going to happen),?or might be Steve Jobs is right in saying “You can only connect the dots looking backwards”.?I don’t know the answer, but something makes me believe that everything is not random.

Wheather random or not, everyone has to travel through this journey called Life. Yes, I call it a journey because like a journey, you meet lot of people, they travel with you but upto the place they reach their destination and then either they take different train or finish their journey. No matter how good friend you are with a co-passenger, you are never sure if you will see ever her again. There will?be lot?of stations coming on the way, beautiful scenes, landscapes, the intelligent passenger is one who enjoys all these in the journey, he knows there is no benefit in crying?losing these scenes and beauties, the best you can do is, enjoy these while these are here before?they go. Whenever you meet any intersting co-passenger with whom you enjoy spending time, you wish he goes with you till your journey lasts or his journey should not end before you. All this and much resemble with our lives, so this life is a journey for me.

This is called ‘Journey So Far…!!!’ because this is a live autobiography. I will be updating this during my life (hopefully possible) and everytime it will be journey so far….

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