Today nothing much has happened, so I don’thave much to write about the day. Still I wanted to write something, to share something. So I would share one story.

“Once a philosopher entered into a lion’s cage. The lion was brought for one circus and philosopher unfortunately entered into cage and cage got locked from outside. The lion came to eat the man and he started running, but cage was closed. He was running and lion was running after him. They were running within the cage into circle. The people started gathering outside the cage, but no one had the courage to open the cage. They started shouting “Run… Run fast…”

Both were running in circle and lion started coming close to the philosopher and one man shouted “Run fast, lion is coming near to you….”

Philosopher said “Shut-up, you fool..! I am still two laps ahead of him…!!!”

Sometimes logic doesn’t prevail… ”

That’s all for today….

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