Dasvidaniya – Movie Review

Dasvidaniya: the best ever goodbye. The tag line and promos led me the cinema hall and if I concise my review it will be, I was not disappointed. The story is of simple man and how we forget our dreams in day to day life and how we forget to live while we are alive. The message will look like similar to those who have read or watched the “the last lecture” by Randy Pausch. I am not sure if movie is inspired by that as it must started shooting long before this book came. Anyway movie touches and succeeds in giving a message, its all about fulfilling your dreams.

The pace of movie is not broken anywhare, ya sometimes it slows, but you do not loose interest because Amar Kaul has made a bonding with you by that time and you want to see what happens to him next. Most of people will resemble some parts of character with themselves. This is the one movie I will say could have been better had it been little longer that this.

There are some touchy moments in the movie, scene where Amar made the silent love confession to Neha, sings a song for his mom and when he leaves the house of his friend. Overall a good watch, little bit off the target, could have been better, but overall I will give it 3.5 out of 5 for overall storyline, emotions, comic sense and music. If you have time, must watch otherwise don’t miss on DVD atleast.

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