Why Indian Mujahideen – now NIM

I was just reading a news article on one of the sites that next target of Indian Mujahideen is Chandigarh. One thing striked me why we call them “Indian Mujahideen”. Just because they address themselves by that name… but that’s not correct what does this word stand for??

As a common surfer I referred to wikipedia and it says Mujahideen means “is a?Muslim?involved in a?jihad,?id est?fighting in a war or involved in any other struggle.” So first whey want to declare they are muslims and they are fighting against in a war. Although these kind of attacks can’t be said to be war… but still fair enough….!

My problem is with the first word “INDIAN”. How can they be indian? No not at all…… They are killing indians and spreading terror against indian…. To be the target of thier bombs…. only one criteria… You should be Indian… they are not killing people from any specific religion, caste or tribe. The delhi blasts hit people from all religion and tribe including Muslims. They are fighting against India and Indians.

So they can say themselves anything…. I deny to address this outfit with this name.

Let’s rename and use this name only NIM (Non Indian Mujahideen).

If we can’t do much… let’s take thier right to be indian…. they are Non Indian Mujahideen… Let’s clean the words first.. then fight against these Non or Anti Indian Forces…


Join me and I would request Media also to stop using that wrong name.

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