Pyaasa – a masterpiece of Gurudatt

Today’s morning post is about the movie, I saw last night, and it is PYAASA (1957) by Gurudatt. I was searching for this movie for last 2 years but could not find. Finally thanks to Seventymm store at Nilgiris EGL Pyramid, I got it. First I saw reference to this movie in the Indiatimes list of best ever movies and then Time listing of 100 best ever movies and also heard a lot about the movie from lot of people. So the craze and excitement was big and I could not wait, so started watching the movie just after my return from office (thanks it is friday evening, although hardly matters to me). 2 minutes of movie and then I am going for tea break, is it a wrong timing for break….? na… it is wrong timing for movie.. it is usual time for me for tea…. manish’s call and we at Mathurshri bakery for two or three cups of tea along with office gupshup. Earlier I used to complain that in south india they mix sambhar in tea, but not any more. Now I think this is few of the good things they make(with akki roti), tea is actually very good anywhere in bangalore.

So how was the movie??? I will summarize the excitement and craze was worth and rest says the title of this post. This is the first movie of Gurudatt?I have seen and atleast he has tried to convey something through this movie…. what tried, is he not successful in saying… no,?I didn’t mean that…. I said tried because he is trying to say something which very obvious and known to all of us, yet we never accept.


Story of an unemployed?guy, who comes to know what is being unsuccessful in this world. He sees two extremes of failure and success as?a poet and as a person. Success has many fathers and failure has none, quite old theme and well framed in this movie. I would say atistic masterpiece of Gurudatt, the beauty of movies lies in the simplicity of concept, as?I referred in my blog that it is so special because it so simple (baat bahut mamooli hai, isiliye to khas hai)?


The lyrics of Sahir ludhiyanvi goes very well with the theme of the movie, specially “ye duniya agar mil bhi jae”, “Jenhe naz hai hind pe” and other songs too.

” the love, fame, money, relatives, friends all follow with success and go away with failure”.

So Ye Duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai (what evenif you get this world)

I guess I have told you enough, GO and see the movie…. I recommend.

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