Just a coincidence……..

Just taking a look at websites in between my usual work, I came across a news story. There was nothing great, or I should say expected and regular newsParliament disruptions cost nation Rs 18 cr”. But as I am thinking of this story, I can remember of another story from the same site few days ago. It said “836 million Indians live on less than Rs 20 a day”. No way related to each other, but these two made me think of something.

The news story says ?This session, the Lok Sabha lost 42 hours, the Rajya Sabha 41 and given the high cost of loss per hour that meant the expenditure incurred by the government for these scenes of pandemonium totaled to Rs 18 crore.? The earlier report said ?An overwhelming 836 million people in India live on a per capita consumption of less than Rs 20 a day?

Accountant part of mine quickly went into the calculations and I could draw some simple facts out of these two stories:

1.????? One hour of the drama in the parliament costs 207000 times meal of poor man or you say one time meal for 207000 poor men.

2.????? Per minute of non-sense on part of esteemed politicians is taking away one time meal of around 3,500 people.

3.????? This session we could have saved yearly meal for 25,000 people, just by shortening the tenure of session.

4.????? At the end of disturbed day of parliament, they are going back with crime of taking away the 28,000 meals of this poor man.

If data seems to be frightening to you, keep in two things in mind:

1.????? The benchmark of poverty line is less than Rs. 9 per day and we all know how many live below poverty line in India.

2.????? The session was not so bad, think of sessions when whole of session was wasted as george Fernandez boycott.

These are just figures, calculations from mind of an accountant but we can never understand the meaning of one meal for the person who is hungry for two day, at least these khadi wearing politicians can not at all.

May be I am wrong otherwise they would have thought about it certainly, after all these are leaders of our country, in their hands we have given our country, the fate of our next generations. Certainly, these stories are just coincidence?.


  1. Sayantan says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    The article on parliment cost and their implications on poor India was really an eye opener.The figures that you have put across further emphasises the truth.
    Well done keep blogging and keep me posted with other intersting and intriguing articles.


  2. Chaitanya says:


    Your blog is really interesting and an eye opener. I wonder why you stopped blogging. Did the politicians send gundas at your place 🙂 Would love to see more posts from you. Keep me updated.


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