Nandigram : The Truth of Indian Democracy

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  1. littleindian says:

    I vaguely remember when Left fron first came to power. They covered the streetlamps in a part of Kolkata with red cellophane.
    Since that day, the future of Bengal was doomed.
    Through my college and University days I had witnessed all their dishonest dealings and policies eroding the infrastructure of the state.

    Yes every political parties have brawn, these marxists also has the brain to go with it, to successfully brainwash the common man, as their voice. Even their newspaper (ganashakti) makes one feel supported.

    These marxists have increased their votebase by the land-redistribution policy, They other thing they did was all Bengalis fleeing from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) we rehabilitated, allowed to possess land bordering the City, and each were issued a “Ration Card” the first step towards citizenship. It is hard to shift loyalty of those who feel indebted for life.

    Bengal hasn’t been able to produce a single opposition leader with brains and integrity to challange the Left Front. Mamata Banerjee is a moron, a drama queen master of histrionics. The farce that is politics in Bengal/India, is parties that are daggers drawn in the State Assembly, can be allies in a coalition government.

    I see only two ways out of this.
    1. Either Governors rule is imposed, and every politician CPM, Congress and Trinamool; is removed and brought to justice. The villagers of Nandigram rehabilitated,
    2. Or have the Maoists taking over control. There is a huge power vacuum, the maoists have waited a long time.

    The Maoist failed last time. They didn’t have public support. Congress and CPM joined hands (yes happened before) to eradicate them. But this time there will be thousands or if not lakhs of dissatified, disillusioned public, who couldn’t care less who the maoists kill. When the CPM cadres are allowed to put on Police helmets and uniforms and given license to kill innocent civilians, neither do I.

    No, I am not a maoist, neither do I believe in their policies. But these thugs we have called politicians in Bengal can be shifted only in these two ways, and I do not see the center intervening.

    Is a Maoist killings the price we have to pay for thirty years of apathy? Is their a better option? I am afraid not.

    I apologise for rambling, its my thirty years of anger.

  2. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  3. siddharth asthana says:

    respected sir
    you said the right thing the time need a action plan to protect the democratic values of the country and this action is needed specially from the youth of the country

  1. 30 Nov ’07

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