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Conducta – of a teacher

Today was my first day in Bangalore International Film Festival, even first to any such event. First movie I just saw was ‘Conducta‘ or ‘Behavior’ from Cuba. I must say it’s a great movie....

Dasvidaniya – Movie Review 0

Dasvidaniya – Movie Review

Dasvidaniya: the best ever goodbye. The tag line and promos led me the cinema hall and if I concise my review it will be, I was not disappointed. The story is of simple man...

Pyaasa – a masterpiece of Gurudatt 0

Pyaasa – a masterpiece of Gurudatt

Today’s morning post is about the movie, I saw last night, and it is PYAASA (1957) by Gurudatt. I was searching for this movie for last 2 years but could not find. Finally thanks...