बात बहुत मामूली है…..

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5 Responses

  1. MEET says:

    अच्छा है.
    मामूली तो नहीं, लेकिन ख़ास है.

  2. T C Panday says:

    speechless……………really grrrrrrr8

  3. Loves Poetry says:

    Awesome Poetry

  1. 24 May ’08

    […] Story of an unemployed guy, who comes to know what is being unsuccessful in this world. He sees two extremes of failure and success as a poet and as a person. Success has many fathers and failure has none, quite old theme and well framed in this movie. I would say atistic masterpiece of Gurudatt, the beauty of movies lies in the simplicity of concept, as I referred in my blog that it is so special because it so simple (baat bahut mamooli hai, isiliye to khas hai)  […]

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