रात तब नहीं होती जब अंधेरा  जाता है
रात तब होती है जब उज़ाला चला जाता है……
बात बहुत मामूली है…..इसिलिये तो खास है…..!

दर्द तब नहीं होता जब कोई भुला देता है,
दर्द तब होता है जब वो याद बहुत आता है……..
बात बहुत मामूली है…..इसिलिये तो खास है…..!

मैं तब नहीं थकता जब बहुत चल लेता हूँ,
मैं बहुत थक जाता हूँ जब खुद को अकेला पाता हूँ
बात बहुत मामूली है…..इसिलिये तो खास है…..!

ज़ुल्म तब नहीं बढ़ता जब लोग बुरे हो जाते हैं,
ज़ुल्म तब बढ़ जाता है जब अच्छे लोग सो जाते हैं….
बात बहुत मामूली है…..इसिलिये तो खास है…..!

गौरव संगतानी


5 Responses to बात बहुत मामूली है…..

  1. MEET says:

    अच्छा है.
    मामूली तो नहीं, लेकिन ख़ास है.

  2. T C Panday says:

    speechless……………really grrrrrrr8

  3. Loves Poetry says:

    Awesome Poetry

  4. […] Story of an unemployed guy, who comes to know what is being unsuccessful in this world. He sees two extremes of failure and success as a poet and as a person. Success has many fathers and failure has none, quite old theme and well framed in this movie. I would say atistic masterpiece of Gurudatt, the beauty of movies lies in the simplicity of concept, as I referred in my blog that it is so special because it so simple (baat bahut mamooli hai, isiliye to khas hai)  […]

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